Keith 'soc' Souch:Im not insane, the giant purple chicken wearing dungerees says so

John Grieves: my mum had me tested..........

John Grieves: i wish i was jokin...................

John Grieves: you remember, you were there lol

Keith 'soc' Souch:  we had lovely matching sweaters with arms that tied in the back

Keith 'soc' Souch: then i boarded an Oceanic flight from Sydney and now i live with the bird from Roswell and a fat friendly latino

Keith 'soc' Souch: note to self... avoid "The Others"

Jon Brown: They are not your friends, they are merely your Spiritual Companions from the eternal galaxy of lost goosberries in desperate need of saviour from the evil twisted Pomegranites

Keith 'soc' Souch: i think one of them is a hobbitt

Keith 'soc' Souch: and why does the scotish guy keep calling me brother? are we in a 70's cop show?

Keith 'soc' Souch: is he Huggy Bear in disguise?

Keith 'soc' Souch: I've just seen Darth Vader, apparently he is going to help me build a baseball field in my back garden, i tried to point out that then there would be know where for my gnomes to hide

Keith 'soc' Souch: luckily my gnomes look like Ray Liota

.Jon Brown: does that not mean though that there would be 'No Escape' for them?

Keith 'soc' Souch: no but if i build it gnomes will come.... apparantlty

Jon Brown: Although the prospect of a Baseball Team with Vader is good, I wonder, would Yoda be the head of the Little Leauge?

Keith 'soc' Souch: maybe, but i think he'd make a better catchers mitt, what with a guys hand up his arse

Jon Brown: home run you will not score, but green be like me, if eating all of your Peas for Tea you will, hmmmm?

Keith 'soc' Souch I cant eat peas nor any letters of the alphabet, as for the spaghetti kind thats a huge no no, it makes the toast tell me to kill

John Grieves: i make jokes about the loose definition of my sanity and you do nothing but make me question the fraglie balance i tentitivly live with. bastards both of you. ive sat in conclave with my squirrell army, my generals have urged me to strike you down, but the head of my religious order prey caution apon me desicion. what will should i do? are you ready for war? have you the resources to make stand aganst my furry brothren!!! they may be small, they may be sweet and FLUFFY!! but they will cry havok and let slip the dogs of war.

Jon Brown: John Grieves - bring forward your furry army of bretheren, for we are decendants of a long line of finely skilled and ably trained Giraffes, with whom which, one shot of their gerry jism will spaff your entire army in their sticky seed. Rendering them useless for ever! FOR EVER I TELL YOU - GIRAFFES ARE CUMMING FOR YOU BOY - literally!

Keith 'soc' Souch: and my left slipper!

Keith 'soc' Souch: HAZAAR!

Jon Brown: And my right still tainted, but none-the-less war hardened 1984 special edition collectors antique Rocky IV glove - AT DAWN YOU WENCH!

Keith 'soc' Souch: we shall bellow our war cry "GIRLS QUITE LIKE HANDBAGS!" and fear shall over come you

Jon Brown: Quickly our opponent thinks he's worthy - there is only one thing for this...

Keith 'soc' Souch: TUNA FLAKES!

Keith 'soc' Souch: not to be confused with corn flakes

Keith 'soc' Souch: it upsets the kids in the morning

Keith 'soc' Souch milk makes it odd

Jon Brown so does my Dog's jism

Jon Brown: in a creamy Badger & Mushroom sauce

Keith 'soc' Souch this is no time for badgers! this is war man, we should go straight to the big guns, release the swollen testicled partridges

John Grieves: hahahaha!!!!!! your over confidence will be your undoing Mr Brown, i have scoured the land for all inteligence of you and your weakness. my fellowship took me to lands far and near, i stumbled accross a channel 5 crack whore who went by the name Trisha. she toold me of a dark day when those who who attempted to stand of the shoulders of giantand share there acalaid!! foolish imps!

Keith 'soc' Souch: you cannot truly now if the tv wench doth speak truth, for i have and always will know her weakness, mr kiplings almond slice

Keith 'soc' Souch: right in her chuff!


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